In 2017 the value of a bitcoin went througt 1.000.- Dollar.
The first bitcoin block started with mining of the coins at 3rd of january 2009 and the first transaction of bitcoins was in may 2010. This transaction was the order of the 2 pizzas. (They were given home)
The very first Bitcoin user paid 10 000 Bitcoin for this two pizzas delivered to his home (valued at about 25.- USD). This was the first concrete transaction with bitcoin – about 0.0025 per BTC.
If the pizza baker from 2010 would still have them, he would be a millionary, because the monetary value 7 years later would be a great value of (10.000 Bitcoin x 1.000.- Dollar) 10 millions!!! (Dollar).
Unfortunately this chance is over, however there is a historical second opportunity for winner to start!
Here is your chance:

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