In the year 2017 the price of one bitcoin was 1.000.- USD.
Bitcoin has begun with coinmining at january 2009 and the first transaction was in may 2010. This transaction was the purchase of 2 pizza. (They were delivered at home)
The very first user of Bitcoin paid 10 000 Bitcoin for this 2 pizzas delivered to his home (valued at about USD 25.-). This was the first beginning with bitcoin – about 0.0025 Dollar per bitcoin.
If the pizza baker from 2010 would still have the coins, he would be a very rich man, because the monetary value in 2017 is a unbelievable number of (10.000 x 1.000) 10 millions!!! (Dollar).
Unfortunately this chance is over, however there is an other opportunity for you to benefit and make money!
Here is your chance:

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